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The Shure Model VP88
stereo middle-side microphone

Shure VP88


General Description
The Shure Model VP88 is a single-point, stereo condenser microphone for use in pro­fes­sional studio recording, field production, electronic news gathering (ENG), and studio broad­cast applications. It combines two condenser cartridges in a single housing to create a stereo audio image of the sound source. It is unique in its ability to capture the realism of a live event and yet withstand rigorous field production environments.

Shure VP88 controls

The VP88 uses a mid-side (MS) configuration. One microphone cartridge (Mid) faces for­ward to capture on-axis sound using a cardioid pickup pattern. The other microphone cartridge (Side) is bi-directional, capturing sound from either side. The VP88 contains an internal MS matrix with three settings for different degrees of stereo image separation. The internal matrix can be bypassed if an external matrix is used or if stereo imaging is done in post-production. Switches on the top of the microphone control output mode, stereo imaging, low-frequency roll-off settings, and battery on/off.

Shure VP88

The VP88 can operate on phantom power or an internal 6-volt battery. The VP88 is sup­plied with a multi-connector Y splitter cable, foam windscreen, swivel stand adapter, 6-volt battery, and zippered carrying/storage bag. Optional accessories include an isolation mount, a 7.6 m (25 ft) microphone extension cable, a phantom power supply, and a 4.3 m (14 ft) microphone stand.

Shure VP88 with wind screen

Use the supplied Y splitter cable to connect the VP88 to two inputs of a mixer or console. The red connector, marked M and L, carries the Mid signal (in MS mode) or left signal (in stereo mode). The green connector, marked S and R, carries the Side signal (in MS mode) or right signal (in stereo mode). For stereo mode operation, connect the left (L) splitter connector to the Channel 1 input and the right (R) splitter connector to the Channel 2 input of the mixer or console. Set the Channel 1 pan pot to full left and the Channel 2 pan pot to full right.

Low stereo

Medium stereo

High stereo
Figure 3: Nominal pickup patterns for Stereo output modes.

Middle-Side output
Figure 4: Nominal pickup pattern for MS output mode.

Webmaster’s note: Attention should be paid to the differences between the MS setting and the Stereo settings. The MS Output Mode does not provide a stereo­phonic output. Details are available on p. 3 of the downloadable User Guide.

VP88 frequency response

VP88 data
Download the Model VP88 User Guide.


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