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The RCA Type LS-1 speakers

Pair of RCA LS-1 (MI-12424) speakers
These beautiful art deco styled RCA Type LS-1 (MI-12424) speaker systems were originally used in broadcast studios for high quality monitoring of recordings and transmission output. Often seen in mid 1940s radio station control rooms and reception areas, they embody the quality, sophistication and design mastery of the era. Utilizing heavy Alnico magnet drivers, impeccably crafted cast high frequency horns, and the highly regarded MI-12432 15-inch woofer, they produce an incredibly rich sound. Appearing to be RCA’s answer to the Western Electric model 753, these were the pinnacle of quality in their day and were so highly regarded that they were specified for use in The White House. This pair is in excellent condition and while not perfect, they are among the nicest examples you are likely to encounter. They have been fully tested and auditioned and appear to be in superb working order. The driver and crossover complement is identical in both units. The woofer cones are in perfect condition with no defects in the cone material. Pictures below tell the rest of the story. —From seller’s description on eBay, December 2002. The winning bid was $1,575.

Rear view, enclosed

Rear view, open




Crossover network


The RCA MI-9358-A power amplifier

Pair of MI-9358-A amps
Here is a pair of wonderful-sounding tube monoblock amplifiers. Originally part of RCA’s renowned Photophone Sound System, these type MI-9358-A rack mount amplifiers were widely used for high quality reproduction in movie theaters. Conservatively rated to produce 30 watts from four 1622 (6L6 type) output tubes. The 1622 tubes were replaced with 5881s and the resultant sound is superb! The complete tube complement is (4) 5881, (2) 1620, and (2) 5U4G. The build quality of these amplifiers is extraordinary, utilizing quality components including UTC output transformers. They feature barrier strip outputs taps for 7.5, 15, 250 and 500 ohm installations. Also included is a switch selectable tube test meter for instant tube performance verification. The unique flip front design allows for easy servicing even when rack mounted. These are in fine working condition and include a full complement of tested tubes. They have been gone through by my technician and any bad or marginal components were replaced as needed. They are otherwise unmodified. If you have been longing for compelling powerful tube fidelity, these are what you want. —From seller’s description on eBay, December 2002.


Amp at an angle

Rear view



RCA Type MI-9358
This specification booklet was provided via
the courtesy of Mr. Jonathan Weiss.