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The Shure Model SM85
cardioid condenser microphone

The Shure SM85

The SM85 is a lightweight, rugged condenser microphone designed for hand-held live vocal applications. It is capable of withstanding the physical abuse inherent in on-the-road use, yet maintains the highest quality performance expected of a studio condenser microphone. It is ideal for the most demanding live sound reinforcement applications as well as broadcasting and studio recording requirements.

SM85 frequency response

The frequency response of the SM85 is tailored to enhance the performance of the artist through­out the sound spectrum. A controlled low-frequency rolloff minimizes the handling noise and boominess sometimes associated with close-up hand-held microphone use. Its response in the midrange is tailored in the Shure tradition to add crispness and presence through carefully placed accentuation in the critical vocal frequencies, giving the artist’s voice a clear, sharply defined sound that sets it apart from instrumental back-up. In the upper register, the SM85’s clean, clear, scintillating high frequencies delineate subtle overtones and enhance high-frequency timbre.

SM85 polar pattern

The SM85 is constructed with a lightweight, yet extremely tough aluminum case and a TeflonĘ-coated all-steel grille. An exclusive elastomer “space-frame” isolates and cushions the condenser element from virtually all mechanical vibration. The integral wind and multi-stage pop filters eliminate ordinary wind and breath pop noise. For more demanding applications, an accessory windscreen is furnished.

The Shure SM85

The SM85 exhibits remarkably low distortion (right up to its overload point) over the entire audio spectrum… considerably less than other more expensive condenser microphones. Special shield­ing techniques eliminate magnetic and RF interference resulting from studio lights and broadcast equipment. The SM85 can be simplex (phantom) powered from the Shure PS1 and PS1E2 power supplies, or any standard voltage (12 to 48 vdc) available from most recording consoles.

Text and illustrations are taken from various vintage Shure Brothers, Inc. sales brochures.

Sales brochure cover
Download the sales brochure for this mic.

SM85 cover
Download the specifications for this mic.


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