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Shure Technical Specifications for 1989

Shure specification sheet

Here is a downloadable 1.5-megabyte pdf of the four technical specification pages from the Shure Microphone & Circuitry Products book, which was published in January, 1989. The first of four pages is shown above. The downloadable pdf version is formatted for printing on eight and a half by eleven-inch sheets.

Page One contains specifications for the SM48, SM58, SM78, 588SD, 587SB, 565D and 565SD, SM87, SM85, SM96, 869, SM57, SM77, 545D and 545SD, 545SH, 545L, SM62, SM59, 515SA and 515SB, 515SD, SM17.

Page Two contains specifications for the SM81, SM80, SM94, 849, SM98, SM99, SM83, 839, SM11, 570S, SM84, 512, SM15, SM2, SM1, SM10A, SM12A, SM91, SM90, 819.

Page Three contains specifications for the 809, SM18B and SM18W, SM63 and SM63L, SM61, 579SB, 575SB, SM89, SM7, SM82, 55SH Series II, 520D, FP11, FP12, FP16, FP31, FP32, FP42, FP51, M68A/M68FCA, M267, M268, PS1A, M64A, W20R Receiver, W25DR Receiver, W15HT/87, W15HT/58.

Page Four contains specifications for the W10BT, WL83, WL84, WM98, WM15, AMS4000 and AMS8000 Mixers, AMS880 Video Switcher Interface, AMS22, AMS24, AMS26, AMS28, 1200 Power Mixer, 3100/3200 Speaker, SC39EJ, SC39B, SC35C, BC70, BC80, BC90, DC40, DC50, DC60.

All four pages are contained in the downloadable pdf.