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The Shure Model SM59
unidirectional dynamic microphone

Shure SM59 cardioid dynamic
Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

The Shure SM59

The Shure SM59 is a high-quality unidirectional dynam­ic microphone designed for professional applications in sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and recording. The Model SM59 has a wide-range frequency response and a unique cartridge shock mount design which minimizes handling noise and maximizes vibration cancellation. A pop filter protects against explosive breath sounds. A slim lower case, balanced weight, and sleek appearance combine to make the SM59 especially suitable for stage use. The Model SM59 is a lightweight, rugged unit of aluminum, zinc and stainless steel construction, finished in matte champagne enamel. A microphone swivel adapter is provided. The Model SM59-LC is supplied without a cable.

The Shure SM59

The Shure SM59

The Model SM59 is a low-impedance microphone and is recommended for use when long cable lengths are required or under conditions of severe hum disturbance. The permissible cable length is practically unlimited, since neither response nor level is affected. If required, the SM59 may be connected to a high-impedance mixer input using a Shure A95UF Line Matching Transformer.

The Shure SM59

The Shure SM59

Model SM59 Features

  • Wide range, smooth frequency response; provides
    clean, natural reproduction of voice and music

  • Special mechano-pneumatic shock mount
    virtually eliminates normal handling noise
    and pickup of floor-stand vibrations

  • Wire-mesh screen with built-in filter provides
    excellent P pop protection

  • Built-in hum-bucking coil for maximum
    electromagnetic hum cancellation

  • Highly effective cardioid pickup minimizes back-
    ground noise and undesirable location acoustics

  • Designed for versatile use in the hand or on a
    stand, indoors or outdoors

  • Smooth, sleek styling and lightweight balanced case
    for excellent appearance and ease of use

  • Rugged, providing years of dependable operation
    with unchanging performance

The Shure SM59

Shure SM59 technical specifications

The Shure SM59

Shure SM59 dimensions

Text and illustrations are from Shure Technical Data sheet No. 27A2156, © 1986

SM59 User Guide
Download the Technical Data sheet for this mic.

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