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The Shure Model 730B Uniplex
unidirectional crystal microphone (1945)

Shure 730B

The Shure Model 730B is a unidirec­tional wide-range diaphragm type crystal microphone. The true uni-direc­tional cardioid characteristics of the Uniplex allows highly satisfactory operation under adverse conditions of background noise and reverberation where a conven­tional microphone would be practically useless.

Shure 730B Figure A

The inner conductor or “hot” lead should be connected to the grid of the first tube in the amplifier across a load resistance of 5 megohms. Input resistances as low as 1 megohm may be used if necessary, but higher values are recommended because of the better low-frequency re­sponse obtained. The shield or ground should be con­nected to the chassis. See Figure A. If the Uniplex is to be used with considerably less than 25 feet of cable, a shunt condenser having 30 pf capacity for each foot of cable removed should be connected across the terminals at the amplifier. Otherwise, an increase in high-fre­quency response will result.

Shure 730B Figure B Shure 730B Figure C Shure 730B Radio’s Master Catalog ad

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Early 730B Early 730B

730B black label Chicago, but no center grille S logo on this earlier version.

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday at the Off Beat Club in Chicago.

Data Sheet cover

Download the Data Sheet for this mic.

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