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The Shure Model 545S (1975)
unidirectional dynamic microphone

The Shure 545S

The Model 545 series Unidyne III Microphones are slen­der dynamic mics built to provide wide range repro­duction of music and voice, and have an exceptionally uniform and effective unidirec­tional pickup pattern. The microphones are particularly suitable for high-quality theater-stage sound systems, recording, cathedrals and churches, and other critical public address systems such as those used in political conventions and legislatures, hotels, stadiums and auditoriums.

Figure 1 Figure 2 The Shure 545S Figure 3 545S on an S37A stand

A 545S mounted upon a Shure S37A Desk Stand. The mic was $68.40 on a May 30, 1975 price list.
Microphones displayed on this web site are not for sale. Price is shown for historical reference purposes.

Figure 4

Text and illustrations are from Shure Brothers, Inc. Data Sheet No. 27A443 (RC), Copyright ®1978

The Shure 545S

Purple-background photographs are via the courtesy of Dennis Schrank.

Shure 545S PDF

Download the Data Sheet for this mic.


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