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The Shure Model 300
bidirectional ribbon microphone

Shure Model 300


The Model 300 ribbon microphone is a rugged stand-mounted unit with a wide range frequency response and a bidirectional polar pattern. The Model 300 is an excellent choice for broadcasting or recording studios as well as for critical sound reinforcement ap­pli­ca­tions. The microphone’s symmetrical front and rear and its greatly reduced side pickup make it ideal for such uses as across-the-table interviews or dialogue, stages with loudspeakers directly to the side or overhead, and combined pickup of facing instrumental groups in recording sessions.

The Model 300 is supplied with a Voice/Music switch that provides either flat or rolled off low frequency response and with an impedance-selection switch allowing choice of three rated impedances: “L”—38 ohms, “M”—150 ohms, and “H”—high impedance. A built-in vibration isolator and internal ribbon protection make the microphone suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Microphone Features

  • Ribbon microphone with wide range response

  • Switch selectable flat or rolled off low end

  • Bidirectional polar pattern, ideal for interviews

  • Internal ribbon protection assures reliable operation under rigorous operating conditions

  • Built-in vibration isolator and lifetime swivel

  • Convenient impedance selection switch, microphone usable with all amplifiers

Shure Model 300


  • Frequency response: 40 to 15,000 Hz (see Figure 1)

  • Polar Pattern: Bidirectional—uniform with frequency, symmetrical about axis
    (see Figure 2)

  • Switches: Rotary Voice/Music response switch and rotary impedance selection switch

  • Swivel and Shock Mount Assembly: Positive action, permits tilting head through 135°, shock-mounted with internal rubber vibration isolator, suitable for mounting on stand with 58"-27 thread

  • Case: Dark gray enamel die casting and light gray brass screen

  • Net Weight: 581.5 grams (1 lb, 4 oz)

  • Cartridge: R30

  • Introduced: 1952

  • Discontinued: 1982

A stereo pair

1977 300 advertisement
From the 1977 Shure Professional Products booklet.

Voice-Music selector switch
The Voice-Music frequency response selector switch.

Shure 300 frequency response

Stan's 300

Shure 300 with Shure S33B desk stand
Shure 300 with Shure S33B desk stand.

Shure 300 polar pattern

Overall dimensions

Impedance selector cover

Impedance selector switch
Impedance selector switch.

Internal connections

Shure 300
Download the Data Sheet for this mic.

Shure Model 300 ad

View a wide ad for the Shure 300


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