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RCA Type 70-D Manual cover
This manual is available for downloading as a pdf. It consists of nineteen pages, including the front cover, and is a three-megabyte high-resolution document formatted for 8½ by 11-inch printing. This is RCA Manual No. IB-24428-1. Scroll down to see two more pages, including the title page, which lists the Master Index numbers for the turntables covered.

RCA Type 70-D Manual title page

RCA Type 70-D Turntable
The RCA Type 70-D Transcription Turntable.

RCA catalog ad
An RCA catalog page, courtesy of Dan Slentz.

Chuck Pharis photo
An RCA 76-B2 Audio Console, RCA BCS-2A Switching System,
RCA 70-D Transcription Turntable. Photo courtesy of Chuck Pharis