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FCC Eliminates Morse Code Requirement
You can become a “ham” without taking a code test

Ham station
If you have aspired to become a licensed Amateur (“ham”) Radio operator, but were put off by the Morse Code requirement, now is the time for you to reconsider. As of December 15, 2006, the Federal Communications Commission eliminated the Morse Code portion of the testing process. You can read the official announcement by downloading the document below. For additional information, visit the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) web site at or talk with one of your ham radio friends. NOTE: Morse Code (cw) is still allowed on the ham bands, but a sending and receiving test is no longer required in order to obtain a ham ticket.

FCC News
Download the FCC NEWS for December 15, 2006

While we are at it, here is a summary of U.S. call letter structuring courtesy of Wikipedia.