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A visit to Mount Wilson
Southern California

Maurice Mischook

KBIG/KOST assistant chief engineer Maurice Mischook
in front of the KBIG transmitter monitoring gear.

KBIG transmitter

Maurice shows off the KBIG transmitter, built by Continental Electronics.

Transmitter meters

KBIG’s transmitter meters and controls.

Coaxial cable

A section of coaxial transmission line that
couples the transmitter to its antenna.

An Eimac vacuum tube

An Eimac 4CX15000 RF amplifier tube of the type used in KBIG’s transmitter.

Closeup of the tube

The 4CX15000 designates the tube as a tetrode (with four active elements),
ceramic base, external anode, capable of 15,000 watts of plate dissipation.

KIIS transmitter cage

The KIIS transmitter monitoring gear.

KIIS transmitter meters

The KIIS transmitter meters and controls.

Antenna towers

A few of the antenna towers on Mount Wilson.

Photos by Stan Coutant