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title Two Milab mics

The VM-41 cardioid and the VM-40 omnidirectional Milab microphones

Hear the sound of the VM-41 in its M position, as voiced by Patrice D’hautcourt.

Hear the sound of the VM-41 in its V position, as voiced by Patrice D’hautcourt.

The VM-40 (omnidirectional) and VM-41 (cardioid) are both for operation on 48-volt MIPOW systems. Ruggedly constructed in a small physical size, the VM Series features a unique four-position ring switch to permit selection of either full-range frequency response or gentle roll-off from 1 kHz with 12 dB down at 50 Hz. A 10-dB pad is also incorporated for both full range and roll-off positions.

Milab VM-41 VM-40 frequency response Milab VM-41 VM-41 frequency response Milab VM-41 VM-41 polar response

The VM-41 polar pattern


  • Circular single membrane full condenser capsule

  • Single FET preamplifier

  • Four-position ring switch built around two reed switches
    for full range or high-pass response with 10-dB pad

  • Rugged construction

  • Precision-machined solid case

  • Three-pin XLR male connector at the base
Pads Patrice D'Hautcort photo Technical specifications Patrice D'Hautcort photo MIPOW system

For all high-quality professional uses; particularly impressive on acoustic instru­ments, overhead percussion, cymbals, snare and brass. Recommend­ed position of use is from about three inches to several feet from source depending on sound pressure levels and desired degree of natural ambi­ence pickup. May be used effectively as a podium/lectern microphone for public address.

Microphone mounts Marketing sheet

Download the marketing sheet for these mics.

Specification sheet

Download the specification sheet for these mics.

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