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RCA and Mole-Richardson
microphone boom stands

RCA Type KS-3B mic boom

These wonderful old boom stands appeared on eBay in December, 2004. The RCA version is Type KS-3B, MI-11056. Judging from the labels affixed to them, Mole-Richardson is involved as well as RCA, although from these photographs alone it is difficult to tell which pieces were manufactured by Mole-Richardson.

Below is a self-running slide show of an additional nine images.

Mic boom stands
This type of stand is known generically by names
such as “tripod” or “giraffe” mobile boom.

Mic boom stands
These were designed to support the larger RCA ribbon microphone types,
including the comparatively heavy 44 series.

The business end
The microphone is attached at this end.

The counterweight helps to balance the weight of the
heavy mic and to prevent the stand from tipping.

Large, rugged wheels with brakes provide portability.


RCA label

Mole-Richardson label

Mole-Richardson is a fine old Hollywood lighting company that has a marvelous collection of historic motion-picture-related photographs. will take you there, where you can experience them for yourself. Once there, click History and then click Archival Photos.

A friend commented:

Hello, Stan. Yes, I saw those same boom stands on eBay. Neat find. I owned one a few years back. The seller had called Mole-Richardson and asked for its history. The person there told him they hadn’t used a serial number that low since the early fifties.

Talked with an RCA microphone expert. He said Mole-Richardson made them specifically to sell to RCA for their recording studios. There is also an earlier version with the RCA tag being a thicker disc.    —Mathew

Mole-Richardson logotype