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The Fostex Model M85RP
hypercardioid printed ribbon microphone

The Fostex M85RP

Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

Here’s the premier noise-canceling microphone designed for those critical jobs where side and background noise are unwanted. The M85RP is a super hyper-cardioid microphone which picks up the sound directly in front and extremely close. Especially effective in isolating the snare from the hi-hat, the M85RP is equally effective as an interview/commentator mic in live applications with high levels of ambient noise. You can even record a singer-guitarist with one M85RP for the voice, another for the guitar, with amazing separation. —Quoted from Fostex marketing brochure number 1429600010, dated June, 1988

M85RP cutaway

M85RP cutaway view showing the printed
ribbon transducer facing the end of the mic.

M85RP specifications M85RP polar and frequency responses The Fostex M85RP

Photo courtesy of Rick Cannata

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