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The Fostex Model M11RP
cardioid printed ribbon microphone

The Fostex M11RP The Fostex M11RP

According to Fostex Professional Products Director Rick Cannata, “The Fostex M11RP microphone is truly a different breed than any other micro­phone currently available. Fostex was awarded 20 international patents on this unique transducer technology. These special edition microphones are hand-built and available in limited quantities.”

One of ten black Fostex M11RP mics

Ten black versions of the M11RP were hand-built as a test bed in 2003. This is one of them, with a serial number of 605067. They are no longer made, and are now sought by collectors.

Black M11RP in its case

“No phantom power is required and there is no on-board circuitry to create noise,” Mr. Cannata said. “These microphones have the durability of a dy­namic element, the clarity of a condenser capsule and the warmth of a ribbon design.” Extremely low distortion is rated at less than 0.2 per cent at 130 dB.

The Fostex M11RP

Immediate advantages over normal ribbon technology are strength and dur­ability. Ribbon microphones are noted for the fragility of their ele­ments, thereby negating their use for outside applications or high sound pressure level microphone placements. The M11 microphone can endure close percussion or loud amplifier microphone placements without danger to the capsule.

The Fostex M11RP

An additional beneļ¬t of the Fostex Printed Ribbon technology is the clarity of a high-quality condenser mic without the need for phantom power. This fact results in an extremely low noise floor due to the elimina­tion of the condenser’s electronic circuitry which would normally be required.

M11RP case

In the Fostex design, the M11 microphone has a large, low-mass printed ribbon diaphragm, which offers very fast response time, compared with typical heavy dynamic mic capsules. “The resulting smooth upper high end attributed to this ribbon technology can warm up any digital production while maintaining pristine clarity and presence,” Cannata said.

The Fostex M11RP

The M11 is delivered its own hard leatherette case. Each microphone has a built-in swivel microphone stand holder with adapters and a high-quality, low-noise cable.


  • Unidirectional element.

  • Three-position bass rolloff filter

  • A double suspended capsule

  • 40-18,000 Hz Frequency Response

  • -51db, 2.8mV/Pa Sensitivity

  • 600 ohms Impedance

Specifications Fostex M11RP

Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

Box Bass rolloff filter selector

The bass rolloff filter selector switch.


Download the printed ribbon brochure.

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