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The Fostex Model M115
moving coil microphone

Fostex M115

The M115 is a high-quality moving coil microphone with a flexible shaft, designed for professional, commercial, and industrial applica­tions where superior performance and appearance are required. The microphone body and flex shaft are small to allow unobtrusive posi­tioning and a unique, thin diameter flex shaft design produces a smooth, quality feel not normally found in a flex shaft microphone.

Fostex M115

Handling and vibration-generated noise are kept to a minimum through a highly effective isolation and suspension system. The M115 has a tailored response for high speech intelli­gibility and a hypercardioid pattern for reduced feedback and ambient noise pick-up. The built-in pop filter reduces wind and breath noise. The M115 case houses an on-off switch and an XLR connector for direct mounting on the console or podium. The 600-ohm output im­pedance is suitable for most low-impedance microphone inputs. The microphone is finished in matte metal to reduce glare in television and live use. The Fostex M115 is well-suited for a multitude of applications including churches, restaurants (paging), broad­cast and re­cording studios (talkback), as well as other industrial and commercial uses.

Frequency Polar


  • Type: Moving coil

  • Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid

  • Frequency Range: 90-12,000 Hz

  • Output Impedance: 600 ohms

  • Sensitivity: Open Circuit Voltage (0 dB=1 V/Pa) −60 dB
  • Sensitivity: Output Level (0 dBm=1 mW/Pa) −63.8 dBm
  • Sensitivity: EIA Microphone Rating Gm −157 dB

  • Induction Noise: 7 dB SPL Under

  • Wind Noise: 51 dB SPL Under

  • Output Connector: XLR/A3F

  • Finish: Nickel

  • Dimensions: 22 mm × 333 mm (78 in × 13110 in)

  • Net Weight: 220 g (7.8 oz)

M115 No switch Dimensions

M115B has Japanese BTS type connector.

Fostex M115 Technical Report

Download the Technical Report for this mic.

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