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The Neumann Model KU 100
binaural microphone

The Neumann KU 100

The KU 100 is a human head replica with microphones inside of the ears. It is used for binaural pick-up to create the most realistic stereo recordings. This third-generation design is loudspeaker compatible, and accurately reproduces ambient acoustics with information about distance, direction, and perspective. It offers exceptional speech intelli­gibility in noisy environments. Applications for the KU 100 include radio drama, special effects for film, outdoor nature recordings, acoustic evaluation, and scientific research. The KU 100 package includes the head, IC 5 (10 meter) extension cable, AC 20 adapter cable, internal battery supply, external AC power supply unit and aluminum carrying case. The microphone can be powered by external phantom power or by an internal battery supply. Thus, remote location recording is possible with only a minimum of extra accessories.

KU 100 specifications

KU 100 frequency response
KU 100 frequency response.

KU 100 data sheet
Download the Product Information for this mic.


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