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This issue of Radio Home-Makers, associated with The Magazine of the Air, both published by The National Radio Home-Makers Club, is Volume 3, Number 10 of an eight-page booklet-style newspaper produced on December 1, 1930. Edited by Ida Bailey Allen and published by Herbert S. Houston, it was available by subscription for fifty cents per year.

Advertisers include Crisco, Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, Hormel, Brer Rabbit Molasses, Friend’s Beans, Majestic Radio and Refrigerator, Drake’s Cake, and Camay. Fourteen months into the Great Depression, story topics focus on making friends during long journeys, a children’s dress shop in New Jersey, party games for children, money-saving meat dishes, Christmas gifts for a dollar, new evening dresses, preserving antiques, and healing winter chaps. This is a PDF formatted for 8½ × 11-inch printing, available below in two resolutions.

Download the 40-megabyte high-resolution version.
Download the 1.5-megabyte low-resolution version.