Remembering Harvey Hetland

Harvey's microphone
Of course Harvey’s mic was used to produce the audio for this page.


Harvey at Moorpark
Photo taken in Moorpark at a rest stop on the Grand Tour the weekend of June 21-22, 2003.
Harvey is seen here on the left, with his friend Dave Morris on the right.


Solvang, Sunday, December 8, 2002.


Harvey and Albert

Harvey and I met at Pasadena City College during the sixties where he taught courses in electronics and television operations, and where I taught audio controls and radio broadcast operations until my retirement in 2003. Harvey retired in 2007. He enjoyed riding his bicycle, and was known to complete two “century” (100-mile) rides in one weekend. Harvey lost his life in March, 2008 while riding with friends. The microphone seen on this page belonged to him, and was graciously presented to me by his brother Vince during July of 2008. Having known and worked with Harvey for forty years, I am pleased to have something of his. This photo shows Harvey “visiting” Albert Einstein at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.

—S. O. Coutant

Hear the sound of Harvey’s microphone.