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The Electro-Voice Model RE45N/D
Cardiline dynamic shotgun microphone


The Model RE45N/D is a highly directional microphone utilizing a combination of characteristics of car­dioid and distributed front opening designs. The microphone incorporates a revolutionary neo­dymium alloy magnet to provide high sensitivity and low weight. The exceptional sensitivity of the RE45N/D com­bined with the inherent low noise of a dynamic transducer insures a high signal-to-noise ratio necessary for those long reach applications. The transducer and integral high pass filtering have been designed to reduce most low frequency handling noises found in handheld applications. The cardioid action gives the microphone uniform characteristics for frequencies up to 1,500 Hz. For frequencies above 1,500 Hz the distributed front openings take effect providing narrower directional characteristics as illustrated in the polar pattern, Figure 3. Extra care has been taken in adjusting the directional pattern of this microphone to provide smooth off-axis frequency response. Older design wave-interference micro­phones often have large peaks and dips in the off-axis response. The irregular off-axis response of the older designs can create problems as the rejection varies widely as the microphone is moved only slightly due to the lobing of the polar pattern. The smooth RE45N/D polar pattern makes the aiming of the microphone at the desired sound source less critical than those older design shotgun microphones while still providing better direc­tivity than that of conventional uni­directional microphones. Benefits derived from this new design include wide range response, smooth polar response, high sensitivity and high directivity. These features make possible a working distance which is two to three times that of conventional directional micro­phones. The RE45N/D has been especially designed for handheld use and includes a switchable 250-Hz high-pass filter to further reduce wind and handling noise. The removable Warm-Grip™ handle is de­signed to fit over the microphone connector and the short handle of the microphone.

Applications Notes
The RE45N/D is shipped with a windscreen. If the microphone is to be used outdoors it is recommended that the supplied windscreen be used. This windscreen comes with a self-adhesive ring for attaching to the RE45N/D microphone for better shielding. The windscreen will only have to be removed for occasional cleaning or special mounting applications. The RE45N/D may also be used with the supplied model 323 stand clamp for fixed applications such as podiums. Here the higher directivity will reduce the chance of feedback and the shape of the low frequency response prevents boominess. The tube and handle, less the Warm-GripTM fit in most standard 3/4-inch stand clamps such as Electro-Voice model 312. Without the windscreen, the RE45N/D can be used with the model 307 shock mount. For more secure permanent mounting the 310 clamp fits over the handle portion of the RE45N/D.

Frequency response
Fig. 1: Frequency response

Fig. 2: Dimensions

Polar response
Fig. 3: Polar response

Off-axis frequency response
Fig. 4: Off-axis frequency response

Wiring diagram
Fig. 5: Wiring diagram

Barrel dimensions
Fig. 6: Barrel dimensions

Download the Engineering Data Sheet for this mic.


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