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The Electro-Voice Model PL9
dynamic omnidirectional microphone

The Electro-Voice PL9

Description and Applications
The E-V Model PL9 dynamic omnidirectional microphone is Elecro-Voice’s ultimate instrument recording mike. Its exceptionally wide, flat fre­quency response extends from 50 Hz all the way out to 18,000 Hz for really faithful reproduction of any instrument. Simply put the PL9 inside a set of drums, or outside an orchestra and capture it all.

Figure 1


  • Generating Element: Dynamic

  • Frequency Response: 50 to 18,000 Hz

  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

  • Impedance: Lo-Z, 150 ohms, balanced

  • Output Level: -58 dB (0 dB=1 mw/10 dynes/square centimeter

  • Pop Filter: Built-in Acoustifoam

  • Grille Screen Material: Memraflex (tempered spring steel)

  • Case material: Steel

  • Finish: Non-reflecting gray

  • Dimensions: 28.45 mm (1.12 in.) widest diameter,
    19 mm (.75 in.) shank,
    146 mm (5.75 in.) long

  • Net Weight: 184.27 g (6.5 oz.)
Figure 2 Figure 3 The Electro-Voice PL9

Text and illustrations are from the Electro-Voice Model
PL9 Engineering Data Sheet, Part No. 53382-412.


Download the Data Sheet for this mic.

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