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The Sony Model ECM-MS957 (1996)
Electret Condenser Middle-Side Stereo Microphone

Sony ECM-MS957


A voice sample

Vincent Johnson plays “Romanza” № 3 from Three Little Oddities
by Zez Confrey, ©1923, on a 1913 Chickering Grand in stereo

Danny Munro sings (off mic) while playing an acoustic guitar

Sony ECM-MS957

When the power/directive angle switch is turned from OFF to ON, the LED lights momentarily.
When the battery becomes weak, the LED indicator remains dimly lit or does not light at all.

Sony ECM-MS957 Specifications

Two sets of specifications, both obtained from the Sony Corporation, are somewhat redundant.

Specifications Sony ECM-MS957

The Sony ECM-MS957 Stereo Microphone is equipped with a condenser element for live ambient recording. Compatible with both balanced and unbalanced inputs, this model has flexible image and positioning capability. This model is for advanced amateur and pro­fessional use. It is suitable for instrumental recording thanks to Sony’s sensitive Electret Condenser microphone design. With a one-point stereo design—the ECM-MS957 has a single element for stereo recording—it is like having two microphones in one. This model is ideal for portable digital audio recorders and camcorders with frequency response to 18,000 Hz and 90 dB dynamic range to complement digital recording systems. Mid/Side (MS) capsules allow for natural stereo panorama. A Mid/Side (MS) switch selects pickup angle between left and right channels. Choose 90° for a single voice or instrument, or 120° to pick up many voices and instruments arranged across the stage. A rotating Mid capsule allows the user to adjust the stereo pickup pattern for the widest range of recording situations. A 5-pin Cannon XLR-style con­nector in the micro­phone body mates with the supplied cable and provides a secure, reliable, low-noise connec­tion to an eighth-inch tip-ring-sleeve plug at the oppo­site end. Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Litz cord gives superlative conductivity, with minimum loss and noise. The L-shaped stereo mini-plug fits portable recorders.

jack plug Sony ECM-MS957 Sony ECM-MS957

The “Mid” capsule is rotatable.

Rotatabale capsule

The ECM-MS957 can be side-addressed (b) or end-addressed (c)
by turning the “Mid” capsule so that it faces the sound source.

Sony ECM-MS957 Service Manual cover

Download the Service Manual for this mic.
Courtesy of Torben Larsen.


Download the Operating Instructions for this mic.

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