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The beyerdynamic Model MC 740 N (C) P48
multi-directional condenser microphone

The beyerdynamic MC 740

Due to five switchable polar patterns, the MC 740 is a universal studio micro­phone. It has been designed without compromise to be able to capture every sound detail with absolute clarity and purity. Applications for the MC 740 include recording orchestras as a main microphone, resulting in a superb trans­parent sound. Due to a switchable two-position roll-off filter and a switchable pre-attenuation pad, the MC 740 is also suitable for close miking instruments.

Technical specifications


  • Large diaphragm, gold-vaporized double membrane

  • Five selectable polar patterns

  • Elastic transducer suspension system

  • Switchable 10 dB attenuator pad and three-position low-frequency roll-off

Frequency response and polar patterns

Text and illustrations are taken from the beyerdynamic MC 740 technical specification sheet.
Appreciation is extended to Mr. Evan Scott Smith, Technical Application Sales and Support,
beyerdynamic Inc. USA, without whose support this information would not be available here.

The Beyer 740
Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

Engineering Data Sheet
Download the data sheet for this mic.


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