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The Altec Model 686A Lavalier
omni-directional microphone

The Altec 686A lavalier mic
Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

The Model 686A Altec microphone is a moving coil dynamic type employing the “new” Altec “Golden” diaphragm and the famous Altec Sintered Bronze Filter for protection against humidity, moisture, dirt, dust, and ferrous filings. This lavalier microphone is small in size and light in weight—being especially designed for use where freedom of movement of hands and body are essential. This microphone is recommended for use by legislative bodies, public speakers, home demonstrators, news and weather broadcasters, and because of its small size can be hidden from sight by a necktie, corsage, or other items of wearing apparel. It is finished in TV dark green and will not reflect television or stage lighting.

The Altec 686A lavalier mic


  • Type: Moving coil lavalier microphone

  • Frequency Response: 70 to 20,000 cycles used as a lavalier

  • Output Impedance: 30/50 and 150/250 ohms (selection by connections in
    plug at end of microphone cable)

  • Output Level: –55 dBm/10 dynes/cm2

  • Pickup Pattern: Omni-directional pickup pattern

  • Hum: –120 dB (reference: 10–3 Gauss)

  • Dimensions: 1116 inch diameter at top tapered to 38 inch at cable entrance,
    3½ inches long

  • Weight: 3 ounces (not including cable and plug)

  • Finish: Baked enamel, non-glare dark green

  • Mounting: “Snap-on” lavalier neck cord No. 13356 including spring type tie or lapel clip No. 13322. Microphone complete with 20-foot, 3-conductor shielded cable and plug

The Altec 686A lavalier mic

The 686A lavalier mic in use

The Minatronics warranty card

The Minatronics transmitter

Text is from Altec-Lansing Corporation Operating Instructions No. 13360-3, copyright © 1962.

Webmaster’s note: This microphone is equipped with a Minatronics Wireless Microphone transmitter, Serial No. 5214, powered by a conventional nine-volt battery, operating on a frequency of 33.14 MHz. FCC Type Acceptance is MWM 6202-A. A receiver was not included in the eBay auction’s winnings.

Download the instructions for this mic.
Includes Minatronics wireless instructions.


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