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The Electro-Voice Model 649B
lavalier dynamic microphone

Electro-Voice Model 649B

Description and Applications
The Electro-Voice Model 649B miniature lavalier microphone is one of the smallest light-weight wide-range dynamic microphones manufactured today. Originally created for TV applications, this miniature microphone can be used hand-held, mounted on a stand, or hung on the neck cord, leaving the hands of an announcer or performer free. It is excellent for audience participation, man-in-the-street interviews, panel shows, wher­ever microphone concealment, mobility, or free movement of the hands is desired. No closely associated auxiliary equipment is required.

Electro-Voice 649B specifications

The model 649B features the exclusive Electro-Voice Acoustalloy® dia­phragm. This nonmetallic diaphragm withstands high humidity, tempera­ture extremes, corrosive effects of salt air, and severe mechanical shocks. It is practically indestructible with normal use.

Electro-Voice 649Bdimensions

The 649B is equipped with two specially designed accessories intended to increase the usefulness and mounting convenience of the microphone: a newly designed lavalier cord assembly and a belt clip. The lavalier cord assembly is supplied attached to the microphone, ready for use. Note that the flexible plastic cord adapter may be removed from the microphone, if desired, by firmly pulling it over the front of the microphone. Alternately, it may be pushed free of the microphone and allowed to slide down the cable, the neck cord being retained separately for future use. In this case, the cord adapter will be retained permanently and cannot be lost since it cannot escape from either end of the cable. (In the event the cord is misplaced, an ordinary shoe-string may be employed after tying a knot in each end.)

Electro-Voice 649B frequency response

The belt clip, when used in conjunction with the lavalier cord assembly, provides effective control of cable placement and prevents unwanted me­chanical noise from being transmitted up the cable to the microphone. After inserting the cable in the clip as shown in Figure 1, simply attach it to the belt at one side. It may also be clipped over the edge of a pocket.

Electro-Voice 649B polar pattern

A protective pouch is also provided to shield the microphone from filings, airborne magnetic particles, and dust when not in use.

Electro-Voice 649B wiring diagram

From Electro-Voice Engineering Data, Part No. 535770–438.

Electro-Voice 649B Engineering Data sheet

Download the Engineering Data Sheet for this mic.

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