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The Neumann Model TLM 127
dual diaphragm condenser microphone

The Neumann TLM 127 in its shock mount


The Neumann TLM 127 technical specifications

The Neumann N 48R-2 power supply

Neumann power supplies
Comments taken from a Neumann blog. (Our thanks to Mr. John Willett)

The Neumann N 248 power supply

The Neumann TLM 127 in its box

The TLM 127 cherrywood box

The Neumann TLM 127 front

The Neumann TLM 127 side view

High-pass switch


The Neumann TLM 127 rear view
Microphone courtesy of Jeff Rudisill

The black TLM 127

Download the Instruction Book for this mic.

Product Information
Download the Product Information for this mic.

Read the MIX Magazine field test of the TLM 127.

Read the MIX Magazine review of the TLM 127.


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