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The Neumann Model TLM 103
bi-directional pressure gradient microphone

Neumann Model TLM 103 (satin nickel)


Neumann TLM103 (piano black)

The piano black version was an anniversary edition
manufactured only in the year 2001.

TLM 103 data

Pressure-gradient Microphone
A microphone in which both sides of the diaphragm are exposed to the incident sound and the microphone is therefore responsive to the pressure differential (gradient) between the two sides of the membrane. Sound incident parallel to the plane of the diaphragm produces no pressure differential, and so pressure-gradient micro­phones have characteristically figure-of-eight directional character­istics. Also called velocity microphone, since the output voltage is proportional to the air particle velocity.

TLM103 diaphragm
The TLM 103 diaphragm.

Neumann TLM 103

Mr. and Mrs. George Neumann
Georg and Elly Neumann with Jerry Graham at the 1967 AES Convention.
Mr. Neumann died on August 30, 1976.

TLM 103 travel case

TLM 103 data sheet
Download the Product Information for this mic.


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