Stan Coutant began his association with Pasadena City College as a high school junior in 1959. At that time Pasadena High School shared the PCC campus while its new plant was under construction in northeastern Pasadena. In 1960 he spent his senior year on the new PHS campus, located at 2925 East Sierra Madre Boulevard.


After graduation from PHS in 1961, Coutant returned to the PCC campus, this time as a college student. While com­pleting course requirements, he worked part-time in the college print shop. It was during this period that Stan was tapped into Omicron Mu Delta. Following gradu­ation from PCC with an AA degree, he was hired as a full-time typesetter on May 5, 1966. Completion of additional UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona courses earned him a California Community Colleges lifetime instructor credential, at which point he began teaching evening classes.

From 1971 until 1978, Coutant taught PCC’s Amateur Radio Licensing course, which included Morse Code, theory, and FCC Rules and Regulations. He holds the call sign AA6SC, and is a life member of the American Radio Relay League as well as a member of the Broadcast Education Association.

When a full-time teaching position in the Communication Division opened in 1978, Coutant applied and was selected. His assignment still included FCC Rules and Regulations, only this time for commercial radio broadcasting. Additional courses involved audio operations for radio.

During 1998 Stan updated the audio operations courses to include digital audio recording and editing, in addition to computerized program scheduling and automation. He retired on August 21, 2003.

Broadcast Education Association American Radio Relay League Omicron Mu Delta