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The Milab Microphones
VM-40 omnidirectional condenser
and VM-41 cardioid condenser

Two Milab mics
The VM-41 cardioid and the VM-40 omnidirectional Milab microphones

Hear the sound of the VM-41 in its M position, as voiced by Patrice D’hautcourt.

Hear the sound of the VM-41 in its V position, as voiced by Patrice D’hautcourt.

The VM-40 (omnidirectional) and VM-41 (cardioid) are both for operation on 48-volt MIPOW™ systems. Ruggedly constructed in a small physical size, the VM Series features a unique four-position ring switch to permit selection of either full-range frequency response or gentle roll-off from 1 kHz with 12 dB down at 50 Hz. A 10-dB pad is also incorporated for both full range and roll-off positions.

Milab VM-41

VM-40 frequency response

Milab VM-41

VM-41 frequency response

Milab VM-41

VM-41 polar response
The VM-41 polar pattern


  • Circular single membrane full condenser capsule

  • Single FET preamplifier

  • Four-position ring switch built around two reed switches
    for full range or high-pass response with 10-dB pad

  • Rugged construction

  • Precision-machined solid case

  • Three-pin XLR male connector at the base


Patrice D'Hautcort photo

Technical specifications

Patrice D'Hautcort photo

MIPOW system

For all high-quality professional uses, and particularly impressive on acoustic instru­ments, overhead percussion, cymbals, snare and brass. Recommended position of use is from about three inches to several feet from source depending on sound pressure levels and desired degree of natural ambience pickup. May be used effectively as a podium/lectern microphone for public address.

Microphone mounts

Marketing sheet
Download the marketing sheet for these mics.

Specification sheet
Download the specification sheet for these mics.


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