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The Electro-Voice Models DO56 and DO56L
omnidirectional dynamic microphones

The Electro-Voice DO56

Description and Applications
The Electro-Voice DO56 is a specially shock-isolated omnidirectional dynamic microphone created for the most exacting professional applications. Smooth response and high resist­ance to mechanical shock combined with functional, easy-to-hold styling make the DO56 ideal for vocalists in stage and television work, as well as for interviews and commentary.

The Electro-Voice DO56

The E-V DO56 set

The DO56 is a shock-mounting triumph. All handling noise, clothing noises, and even cord shock and vibration are isolated from the microphone element so effectively that almost no vibration is amplified. Shock isolation of the DO56 is provided by shock rings holding the internal parts of the microphone and mounted to a steel sleeve which slips snugly into the outer case. Shock isolation is further enhanced by having the main acoustic cavity shock-isolated with the dynamic element and segregated from the rest of the case. The shock-isolation rings are made of butyl rubber, which not only acts as the spring in the isolation system, but also converts shock energy to heat.

DO56 documentation

The rear outer case is constructed of steel and aluminum, while the front portion of the case is made from thick-wall aluminum to provide maximum durability and proper balance in the hand. The DO56 employs a Memraflex™ grille screen that bounces back to keep its shape. The microphone is finished in attractive fawn beige. The DO56 comes complete with a built-in XLR connector. (See wiring diagram for wiring information and pin polarity.) Stand-clamp adapter and protective pouch also are provided with the DO56.


DO56 specifications

The smooth, wide-range response of the DO56 has been specially shaped for effective up-close vocal pickup under a wide variety of professional conditions. Response rolls smoothly below 200 Hz (–8 dB at 50 Hz) with a broad rise of about 3 dB in the 2,000-12,000-Hz range. The result is a bright-yet-natural vocal quality without the low-frequency noise problems that can plague microphones with flat bass response.

DO56 container

The DO56 features the exclusive non-metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy® diaphragm that assures smooth frequency response and is impervious to damage from extremes of temperature and humidity. A carefully designed high-density Acoustifoam™ blast filter provides excellent protection from excessive sibilance and annoying P-popping, as well as providing protection for the diaphragm from dust and magnetic particles.

The DO56

The DO56

Descriptive text is from the Electro-Voice Model DO56 Engineering Data Sheet, Part No. 534682-9733.

Brochure art

The image above is from a glossy Electro-Voice sales brochure, Form No. 1862.

DO56 marketing brochure
Download this brochure.

DO56 eds
Download the Data Sheet for the DO56.

The Electro-Voice Model DO56L

The E-V DO56L

The Electro-Voice DO56L

The E-V DO56L
The Electro-Voice Model DO56L, 11½ inches in length.

The DO56L on location for ENG

Close-up of the DO56L

DO56L container

DO56L eds
Download the Data Sheet for the DO56L.


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