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The Neumann Model BCM 705
The first dynamic Neumann microphone

The Neumann BCM 705


BCM 705 features

The BCM 705 is a dynamic microphone in the Broadcast line, with a supercardioid directional characteristic. The abbreviation “BCM” stands for “Broadcast Micro­phone.” The BCM 705 is addressed from the front; the front of the microphone is designated by the Neumann logo. The base frequency response is designed to com­pen­sate for the overemphasis of the bass caused by the proximity effect. Both the capsule and the microphone are elastically suspended in order to provide protection from structure-borne noise. The microphone is designed so that it can be suspended from most standard microphone boom arms.   Quoted from the Operating Instructions.

BCM 705 specifications

Download the Operating Instructions for this mic.


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