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The American Model D-22
omni-directional dynamic microphone

The American D-22


The American D-22

Recommended for public address and sound recording. The D-22 Dynamic Omni-directional is efficient for all audio pick-up. Modern “FULL-VISION” styling for artist and audience. Available with either single-conductor shielded low-loss cable, or two-conductor shielded rubber-covered cable for low impedance, balanced line. D-22 Dynamic: $75, antihalation-finished D-22 microphone available at $5 list additional.

Text and illustrations are from the American Microphone Company D-22 Specification sheet.
No microphones are for sale on this site. This information is provided for historical purposes.

The American D-22

Model ND desk stand

ND desk stand

Model ND desk stand

D-22 frequency response


  • Frequency Response: From 100-8,000 cps, plus or minus 5.0 dB

  • Output Level: −86 dB at low impedance. −52 dB at high impedance
    (0 dB = 1 volt/dyne/cm²)

  • Impedance: May be easily and quickly changed from low (30-50) or high (40,000) ohms impedance by removing name plate and changing linkage bars to impedance desired

  • Diaphragm: Micro-metal alloy diaphragm, unaffected by temperature changes, treated for protection again corrosion

  • Magnetic Circuit: Alnico V and Armco magnetic iron

  • Case: Precision machined duraluminum

  • Finish: Permanent gold and black, anodized

  • Connector: Cannon XL-3-11 “latch-lock”

  • Cable: 25 feet of single-conductor shielded rubber-covered cable

  • Stand Couplings: 58″-27 thread on combination swivel and “slide-lock”

  • Slide-Lock: For quickly and easily removing microphone from stand

  • Weight: Complete microphone (including swivel and “slide-lock”) seven ounces

  • Dimensions: Overall height (including swivel and “slide-lock”) 8¼ inches.
    Diameter 1 inch

  • Packaging: Black leatherette-covered storage box, velvet-lined, rubber-cushioned interior for full protection of microphone when not in use

The American D-22

The American D-22 impedance link

D-22 impedance linkage

The American D-22

The American D-22

The American D-22

The American TR 3
Apparently at one point there was a TR 3.

The American D-22
Photos courtesy of Dennis Schrank

Fats Domino
Fats Domino using an American D-22 during his performance in Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956)

Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee

Jackie Kennedy
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

The American D-22 Specifications
Download the Specifications for this mic.


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